How to keep the chicks out of the garden?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ChickenLove123, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Mar 7, 2011
    I have three chickens, but will be adding another three this spring. Right now on occasion I let my chicks out of their run and they explore the yard and scratch in the garden, which is fine since it's winter and I just have the leftover kale and chard in there and the chickens aren't hurting anything.

    I have a small back yard and a small garden (the garden is 16x8 feet). Soon I'll be planting seeds and plants in the garden and I will not want my chickens having a hay-day in there anymore. I am thinking I'll need a temporary fence that I could install right before I let them out for their occasional jaunt in the yard, but I am flummoxed about how exactly to do a temporary fence. Keeping a fence up all the time would mean extra hassle for me when I want to get to the lettuce and tomatoes... Plus it would take up some valuable space...

    Any ideas?

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    Check out the pens. I am not selling you but only showing you the "V" design in these pens might be a solution to a holding area that can be moved around. If your handy you may possibly be able to build it or have it built but I love the yard pen.

    The last unit at the bottom of the page. Just a little "A" frame with perches inside. Best of luck
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    You could keep them in their run until the garden is established. Also premier1 sells temporary poultry netting, it may even give you an idea on how to make something.
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    I have 5 gardens. You'll need a fence to keep them out. I have a wire gate to get in & out of my gardens.[​IMG]
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    they willeatanythignyou have on show any plantsflowers....

    i have the same problem i got mybirds in june last year they get letout of there run on weekends and afternoons when someone finishedwork,

    there is no garden any more ,before they came the garden wasnice with grass, flowers, anda foundain with statues and lights everywhere

    now its a muddy mess with broken statues and the lights are under mud as they love to find them and hide them inthe dirt !

    i am thinking of a fence my self in an area somewhere so i can at least havesomethingas i came torealise they love tomoatoe plants and lettuce very quickly i left them to make a cup of tea when i first got them , when i wentback they had ate everythign and i only had 2 at the time !!!!

    if you do come up with a good idea im very interested to know !

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