How to Keep their Water Clean?

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    Once my ducks dirty the pool they don't go back to it. We only dump it and fill once a day, usually when it is the hottest because they enjoy the fun of cooling off with that cold well water. [​IMG]
    They do have a few drinking containers set around for dipping their faces into but for a swim, they have to wait for me to dump and fill. If the economy ever gets better we will get our small pond and filtration system put in but right now we can't justify the cost when we may need that money.

    I love to set up the sprinkler but we do that only when it is unbearably hot because they can do so much damage to the ground. It isn't going to take long for them to dig up the farm. I used to move it around so they got a new area but then realized I might as well let them destroy just one patch of ground constantly. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Quote:I got the pond at Menards.. it was the only one left in the store (could order one) and it had a hole in it.. I really needed it right then and knew my husband could repair the hole, so I got it cheap... it is

    Key Largo Pond - 270 gallons
    91 in. x 72 in. x 18 in. deep

    They did have smaller ones... but can u see the shelving on the sides.THE SHELVING AROUND THE SIdes is the Greatest... I am glad I found one like this... (I also throw treats in on one of the shevlings) I fill it just a couple inches over that so they can stand on them
    with just their little paddles in the water... I do have a rock that sits on the shelving where they llike to get in and out and I put the soft strip part of velcro on the edge for better grip so the dont slip... 270 sounds like alot of water ?? BUT ?? I havent gotten a water bill yet LOL My Dad put a Tub drain in the bottom left side and connected a PVC pipe to it and it drains into some bushy ground..

    It is ever so slightly tilted so that it drains towards the drain and then I just hose it down, push the drain back down and refill.
    SO far it has worked Perfectly...

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