How to keep your hens Healthy and Happy in the Summer!

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    Well,i've been finding some AMAZING tips an tricks to help your hen survive this summer heat!I'm doing EVERYTHING possible to not let them DIE out!Well first you freeze any shaped ICE cube.Find some dog boil.After the LARGE ice cube freezes you should place it in the dog bowl.Place it in the shade on a flat surface.There!Your hens have Ice cold Water!Another trick is top set these ice blocks in a coop.It cools it down.A few tips.Your chickens should have watermelon in the summer.You should never give them scratch in the summer.Also putting a small fan in the house helps.When you free range you should leave ANY small or big doors opened to help it air out.Also the fan helps curculate it.When its a hot day and the hens are not free ranging or they are up for the night and its SUPER hot or just in its 70's or 80's you should have small windows or a raccoon fencing that has glass with it.Take the glass OFF to help air in since no other things that let air in are open.Your hens need to free range depending on how many and how big the yard is.if they are stuffed it may kill them.ALWAYS be sure at least some shades in the COOP yard.Hope everyones hens survive and stay happy!

    Step 1.
    Dog bowl

    Freeze the water in a container

    After freezing place the cube in the bowl......

    and happy hens!
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    Those are some great tips![​IMG]

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