How to know when frizzle silkie starts laying?please help


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Feb 24, 2021
Ok so I have a flock of 9 total at the moment 2 buff orpingtons,1 copper maran, 1Rhode island red ,1California grey ,1 frizzle silkie ,1silkie rooster and 2 silkie chicks that haven't been moved to the coop yet due to size differences. So my question is,I know my Rhode island red is laying she is the first to laying but today a found a small light tan egg in one of the nest boxes and my red normally lays vibrant eggs so I was wondering if this tiny tan egg could've come from my frizzle hen she is 7-8 mos old and she does kinda squat and fluff when I touch her back or pick her up but I'm not very experienced and dont really know what to look for .Are there any comb color changes or any other tell tale signs that I can look for ? All tips and tricks are greatly appreciated 🙂🐥


5 Years
Jun 20, 2016
thats the correct age and i think, but am not certain, that your other hens will lay brown or white eggs. yes, the come will redden .

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