how to maintain a tractor coop when it come to smell and droppings?

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    Nov 17, 2013
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    I ordered a new coop from a local farmer who hand builds them out of cedar. I have a neck injury and it would be very hard to build one.

    It is a 4 ft x 4ft ark tractor coop with open floor (covered with hardware cloth) meant for 3 buff orpington chickens. The coop offer 5 sq feet per bird, offers a lot of ventilation and heat control, and I live in a very windy area.

    I know how to keep the chicken smell out with a stationary coop but not tractor. Is it different? With a stationary it's basically putting down lots of straw and treating it like a cat box with a side of alfalfa everywhere and change it weekly in the winter and twice weekly in the summer. Is it relatively similar? I just don't want a smell complaint. I live in the city and where I have neighbors that might not like smells. I figure I want to compost the droppings.

    Out of warning I over think things. I've been around and cared for chickens but these are my first personal chickens. Hay/straw is the easiest thing to get as far as bedding.

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