how to make a cast for a broken leg

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    I have a feeling my cochin broke her leg. How can i make a caste. Shes been by herself for almost a month now in a small cage and it hasnt gotten better. How can i make a caste? Any videos or tips? SHould i be extra careful because of her feathered feet. Shes about 3 1/2 months old so she still has some growing to go. If you need anymore info ill give it to you, thanks!
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    Mar 14, 2011 know, it's probably too late to try to get the bones to mend... Exactly why do you think it's broken?????
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    It's too late to cast that leg unless it is an unstable fracture that will re-break upon weight bearing. If that is the case then her leg likely needs some pins to put it back together. That's a bit beyond most laymen skill sets. A vet will need to see her.

    Before you completely give up on her. Have you tried giving her some crushed up TUMS? Sometimes the heavy breed birds develop leg issues due to a calcium deficiency. I would give her some TUMS for 3 days and see how she's doing after that.

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