how to MAKE a chicken aggressive

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  1. so my sister got a buckeye chick and an austrolorp chick, well im going to get attacthed to them, well i dont want to get attactched cause i want them as meat birds. SO i want them to be mean so that i could kill them, any ideas??
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    Rather then trying to figure out a way to make their lives miserable enough to become mean so that you feel better about dispatching them, how about just getting yourself in the mindset that these are meat birds? Care for them humanely but don't treat them as pets. Don't name them, don't pet, hold or otherwise coddle them. If that is not possible and the only way you feel you can accomplish this is by attempting to make these birds mean then perhaps raising your own meat birds is not for you.

    If the birds are roosters there's a good possibility they will develope attitudes all on their own. Hens, not so much.

    By the way, does your sister know these are supposedly meat birds?
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    Mar 13, 2012
    With all due respect, that's the silliest thing I have ever heard. lol
    I have never heard of making a chicken "mean" unless you are looking to raise fighting roosters, which, as far as I know, is illegal...

    You can make chickens scared of you, but that is NOT much of a life.

    I agree with Cafarmgirl, that either get yourself into the right mind-frame, or just give it up altogether.

    Roosters may or may not develop cockyness and aggression. I had a rooster that wanted to kill me each time he saw me, and another of the same breed who jumped in my lap each time he got the chance to do so.....
    Hens will more than likely never be aggressive. They are generally docile by nature (it's a "flock" thing) LoL.... That said, I did have a couple hens that were aggressive when sitting on the nest-box, but sweet as doves when off.... :)

    I have had my babies for years, and I am perfectly aware of the fact that I would never be able to even eat one, much less kill one.
    Hubby did dispatch a couple of our roosters, and although I had no problems cooking them, I simply could NOT put a single bite into my mouth. Weird huh? LoL
    I have accepted that fact. lol Sometimes things just do not work out the way you want them to. I just relish in the fact that while they were alive, I gave them the best life I possibly could...

    Good Luck to you, and I hope you do what is best for your birds! :)
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    I have a rule with my wife. If she names the hen it goes into the stew pot. I'm sure she has named them, she just wont say it around me.
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    Just don't handle them. Be nice but try to be away from them as much as you can. Give them a good life but don't spend 'bonding time' with them.

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