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I want chicks but I don't want to get a rooster because of all of the draw backs like ugly bear back chickens. So i was thinking about slipping some chicks under a broody hen one night. Which brings me to my question how do i get a hen to become broody?
Also way off topic what is your favorite chicken breed and for what reason. It has to be a good layer, that lays for a long time, and has to be nice and affectionate?

Hi Nick-

There is no way to make a hen go broody. Some breeds rarely go broody, and some are more frequently broody, but you can't really do anything to make a hen become broody. It's kind of a hormonal thing for a hen, and you never know when it's going to happen.

A breed that I love, that is friendly, a great layer and has layed pretty long for me is actually a hybrid called the Golden Buff. I have only one left, and she is part of my original three first hens I ever owned. She's four now, and up until recently, layed a nice big brown egg nearly every day. The key in getting a friendly chicken is to really pay alot of attention to them when they're babies. And of course the breed helps too. I've had Easter Eggers, RIR, GLW, BR, Olive Eggers....They've all been friendly hens.

A GREAT hen to get to be a broody is the Silkie. They're mostly bantams, but they are the best broody hens. Cochins are good mama's too.
Try raising a rooster yourself from a baby. Have him fertilize eggs and then get rid of him. That what i always have to do because every male i get is very mean. So before he gets too mean (around 8-12 months) i have him fertilize about 2 dozen eggs and then get rid of him.
If you want to test whether any of your hens have the broody instinct, just let a clutch of eggs build up (i.e. don't collect the eggs for a couple of days).

With my bantams, all it takes is for 5 or six eggs to build up in a nest, and bingo! one of the hens will settle down to incubate them.
Someone started a thread rating the broodiness trait. And someone started another thread complaining about the broodies who won't quit wanting to be moms even in the bitterly cold winter months. My BO and BA did a very good job.

If you don't want a rooster you maybe better off buying pullets from a reputable source. THe average is about 55-60% roosters among the hatched eggs. Just so you know.
it is one of BO hens that pick out my others hens feathers on my reds. 1 times last year one of the BO hens with 1ameraucana[?} sat on a eggs on for 20 days and gave up. i have EE roo who is sweet but will fly out over the pen for 6 hours during the day and at dust he come to the back door of the house and tell me it time for bed and i walk him up has he follow behind me and behind him i have 6 cats goes up with me . i lock up the pen at night

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