How to make bantam lay eggs where I want her to?

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    I have 2 cochin bantam girls, and 2 mille's. They are only 4 months and started laying, I gave them lots of nice straw nesting boxes. I was wondering how I could get them to lay where I want them too, cause I want to hatch them but when I find them there probably 3 days old and its not warm inside or out, the bantams aren't setting. Who layed this egg.
    [​IMG] Suspects [​IMG]

    [​IMG] And there the only ones laying.
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    First off, you will want to wait until your girls have laid egg for at least a few months before hatching some.

    Secondly, it's almost impossible to tell which egg came out of which chicken's bum, especially if they are of the same breed. The only way to know for sure is to watch them lay it. Another way to slightly tell is if the chicken's ear lobe is white, its egg will be white. if it's red, it'll be colored.

    My suggestion is to get fake play-food eggs. My daughter had some when she was little, but since she's grown out of them I used them in my coops. The hens apparently thought, "Ooh, someone else laid their egg here and it's still there. This must be a safe spot to lay my own."
    Eventually, they will get used to it and laying in their nestboxes will be second nature to them.

    Hope this was any help!

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