How to make eggs not covered in poop?


Apr 24, 2017
My 9 hens always poop on the eggs and it takes a while to clean them off. Any tips on how to keep that from happening?
How frequently do you collect the eggs?
I don't have that problem as I'm too new and anxious to see who left me breakfast to leave the eggs in the box that long!
Is the path to the nest boxes clean? Are the hens backends clean? If "no" is the answer to either question, clean them. That will help as will more frequent egg collection and nice clean nesting material.
Why is poop on the eggs? Do you have chickens sleeping in the nests? Are younger or weaker chickens hiding from bullies in the nests during the day? Is the way to the nests really wet and dirty so they are tracking stuff into the nests. Is a hen pooping when she lays the egg?

We kind of need to know what is causing the problem so we can look for a fix.
The hens are all clean, and I collect the eggs frequently. I usually don't check on them at night, but I've seen the picked-on hen sometimes in the nesting boxes at night, sometimes on the roosts. Thanks for the feedback. I was also thinking of putting herbs like mint in the nesting boxes.

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