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  1. so we have 6 one month old pullets and one cockerel. (we think) They are leghorn cross. And we just got a mature EE hen. I am wondering if there is a secret to introducing them so they all get along and we don't have to build another coop!! Right now Marshmallow (the EE) is in quarantine but we'd like to have a plan when it is time to get them together. So far she is great with people and likes hugs, she pecks the dog, goats and horses and beat the crap out of our late RIR rooster...........
    We'd appreicate any adivce from those experienced in introductions with chickens.

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    Put the EE in a cage or crate with food and water and put that in the coop with the other two for a week. Then, sneak out at night and open the cage while they're docile.

    Be sure everyone can get away from everyone else. They'll sort out their pecking order, but at least they shouldn't kill each other. [​IMG]
  3. thanks we'll try that. good idea
    Right now she is enclosed in a pen at one end of the corral with the coop at the other. The chicks can run free in the corral all day but they keep a long way away from her. She calls out sometimes during the day and they stop and listen but don't approach.

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