How to make your own Incubator – Simplified~Please Read and Comment~


8 Years
Aug 15, 2011
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This is just a copy and paste thing. Tell me, is it adequate enough?

Get an esky (preferably styraphome) and put a hole in one end to fit you heat bulb. Make sure the heat bulb has adjustable temperature. Fit the heat bulb through and stick with non-toxic, non-fume, glue. Then add another hole and put in a digital thermometer.
The esky lid should have a large portion cut out with a ledge all around. Then glue down a piece of glass with the non-toxic non-fume glue. It is also important to have glue that won’t melt with the heat of the heat bulb.
Then put a throw away oven tray in the bottom, fill with water and put in four sponges. This is the humidifier. After that put small chicken wire over the top so when the chickens hatch they don’t drown. Then put an eighteen egg, egg carton on top. Or really any egg carton that can hold as many eggs as you like.
When putting eggs in the egg carton for the incubator put the eggs sideways in the holders. Then on each side put a nought and a cross so you know what egg you turned and what you haven’t.

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