How to Manage Feeding for Chicks

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    Sep 2, 2009
    It's day 20 tomorrow for our bantam broody and her six regular sized eggs--we're so excited! It's our first time of hatching eggs ever.

    We have two chickens (including the broody), and they live in a 12' x 80' grass run. We have planned to just leave the broody and her chicks with the other chicken. Perhaps we'll lock them up in their own coop at night, since we do have wild cats nearby.

    We were planning to buy some grower scratch for the new chicks...but we also have regular pellets available for the adult chickens, as well as wheat and vege/bread scraps.

    My question is whether or not it's safe for the chicks to have all that other food available? I've heard that adult food isn't good for chicks.
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    All birds can eat Grower. All can eat Chick Starter. All birds can eat an All Flock or Raiser type feed. All birds can eat a Game Bird type feed.

    The only feed that is a no no is Layer, because it is laced with high amounts of calcium, which only a laying hen needs.

    Find a feed that around 18-22% and everyone's happy. Provide your laying hens with a calcium source on the side, as normally, only they pick at it.
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