How to Market] Birds?

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    Apr 28, 2013
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    Hello all! I have Royal Palm turkeys, Muscovy ducks, then I am looking into raising a few Brahma chickens. How would I go about marketing the young culls that are butchering size? How would you go about marketing the older breeders?

    For my farm, I choose terminal culling for animals that are not up to par in show quality or exhibit bad behaviors. I feel that it is the most humane and fair option. If there is another option that fits that animal better (such as pond ducks, pets or showmanship birds), then I will market them as such and try to find a family or individual that is best for that animal (however, this option has a very limited pool of people that are trustworthy or will give the commitment to the animal that it needs, I tend to find). On the other hand, I feel proud to offer meat that was raised in a humane, comfortable and fair way rather than supermarket animals. Being vegetarian, I take a very odd pride in my market animals. However, I have no idea how to market my animals.

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