How to measure egg, shell, yolk quality? Science Fair help needed!


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Sep 21, 2014
My 6th grader is doing her science fair project comparing the eggs her 4 pet hens lay with eggs bought in the grocery store.
It was suggested to use a Roche or DSM Yolk Color Fan; a Micrometer, and Haugh Meter.
Where do we buy or borrow those items without breaking than bank? I have helped her with online searches but no luck.
She wants to measure or compare the differences between the eggs yolk color, albumen height, and eggshell thickness.
Her teacher helped her pick out this idea because she wanted to do a project involving her chickens---but this may prove to be difficult if we cant find the correct tools so she can calculate measurements. She is only 11 so it needs to be somewhat basic but accurate and easy to use. We are open to any and all suggestions--even variations on the project itself.
We are located in NE Florida. Thanks


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Feb 18, 2011
So far as I know the color fans and Haugh Meters are industry specific so don't know anyone besides big egg producers that would have them. The Micrometer any type of precision tool shops should have, don't know they would let you use them, maybe try your local tech college etc? Could you try something like egg white spread instead of height (use eggs of same weight maybe), older (store) eggs should spread more. Shell defects (shapes, calcium deposits) and Internal defects (blood/ meat spots) she finds in your eggs (store eggs should have eggs with defects already culled).

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