How to measure terramycin

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  1. My baby chicks came this morning and they are so cute. My yorkie thinks he has a new toy and is awestruck at them. I have the water, i used pot pie pans with blue marbles in them so they could find them easier, but the package of terramycin is a net weight of 181.4 g. and does not break it down to how much goes into a quart of water HELP PLEASE sundance
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    If i recollect correctly I used a teaspoon per gallon of water. I believe that is about as close as I could figure it. Make sure you use it for 10-14 days consistantly. Good luck!
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  4. thanx, countrygirl4513,I haven't had chickens in probably 30 years but am enjoying these so very much. they are doing GREAT, even tho I misread the directions and put 1t. per qt. of water, but they are eating, drinking and pooping well, so guess my mistake was o.k. been keeping them in the house at nite but chicken coop is almost finished and since it is 10/10/8/ feet i think tonite i'm gonna leave them in the coop. I have put them outside in the daytime and they are a ball to watch, thanx again [​IMG]

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