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The information in this thread is old and applies to our old system. For updated information on how to post images to the forum, see here:

Q: How do I post pictures on the forum? On my BYC page?


To Post Photos On BYC Forum:

The easiest way to display your coop, chickens, and other fun pictures on BYC is to use the BYC Image Upload Tool . Here are the steps:

1) Click on the "Uploads " link at the very top of every page (in the blue menu bar).
2) Once the "Upload image" page loads, click the "Browse" button and find the jpg or gif picture on your computer and then click the "Submit" button.
3) Your image will be uploaded (and resized if needed) and you will be presented with a thumbnail of your picture along with two image code options:

Thumb - This is the code you use to show a small version of your image that can be clicked to show the full size image.
Image - This is the code you use to show the full size image directly in your post.

4) Copy the image code and paste it into your post.

We provide all of our members with with enough space for about 50 images. If you need more image hosting space you can upgrade your BYC membership to a Golden Feather Membership which will give you space for about 500 images.
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How to use Photobucket to Post Pictures

1. Sign up for a free Photobucket account:

2. Find the Uploading panel, it looks like this (except with your name, not mine, lol) :

3. Enter the image file name or click "browse" to find the file in your computer. Click "add more images" to upload multiple files.

4. Click "uploading options" for a drop down size menu and select "message board size" or smaller to resize your photos while uploading.

5. Click "upload". When Photobucket is finished uploading, scroll down to see your photo. The photo is a thumbnail, click on it to see it full size.
Now is the time to resize it if you forgot to do so while uploading it. It will look like this:

6. Now the easy part ..... you can copy the Img Code just by left clicking on it, and then paste it in your forum message.


The URL Link is for linking to the photo. The image itself will not appear, just the URL for the image.

The HTML Tag code is used to post on websites, eBay, MySpace, etc.

The IMG Code is used on message boards (such as our own). It will post the actual picture.

For more detailed instructions :

Here is the Photobucket tutorial for uploading a single image to your photobucket account from your computer:
Here is the Photobucket tutorial for uploading multiple images to your photobucket account from your computer:

And, here is one more link to helpful instructions on uploading and posting pictures:

Please Preview your message before posting.



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My Coop
A Quick Update: How To Add An Avatar:

An avatar is the small picture under your userID. Here is how you can add one to your profile:

1) Make sure you are logged in
2) Click the "Profile" link in the top menu
3) In your Profile click "Personality"
4) Make sure you check "Use avatar"
5) Click "Upload avatar"
6) Choose an image from your computer.

NOTES: The image must not be any bigger than 100 x 100 pixels and 15240 bytes (15 KB).

If you can't resize your image try the following:

1) Visit:
Browse for the image and set the Custom max size to 100 and click "resize"
3) Save the resized image to your computer and then follow the steps above.

• The avatar system now automatically attempts to resize your JPG or GIF image if it is too big. We still suggest you resize your image before uploading it, but it isn't a requirement.
• If you uploaded your image and everything seems to have worked properly, but your image hasn't changed, you may need to force refresh your "browser cache". This is simply done by holding down the SHIFT key and hitting F5


Uploading an avatar:

Shrinking an avatar using "IrfanView"
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