How To Potty Train Your Chicken

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    I have a technique to potty train your chicken. I did this method and it took me about 2-3 days to train my chicken. Please be patient, the chicken will make mistakes. So yeah, here it goes... This method is to keep a chicken if its sick, too hot, too cold, stroming (etc.) Its not too keep it like a dog (it can be used to do that though). I made this method because it was too hot for my chicken (I only have one right now) to be in the coop OR stay outside one day. It loves to cuddle so I bring it in once in a while for an hour or so to cuddle, whenever it has to go poop it goes up to the newspapers and does it. Then I throw away the newspaper and Febreze the place.

    Here are the things you will need 1. Newspaper 2. Animal Training Clicker 3. TREATS! [​IMG]

    Learn the signs your chicken makes just before relieving itself. Chickens generally will signal with body language, such as tail-twitching.

    Spread old newspapers in a corner of your home where the chicken can go to the bathroom.

    Sit with your chicken perched on your hand or arm near the newspapers and relax while watching for its signal.

    Hold the chicken over the newspapers when you see the signal. When the chicken goes to the bathroom use the clicker and give it a treat. It is very important to click and give the chicken the treat immediately so that it will form an association between going on the paper, hearing the sound and getting a reward.

    Repeat this process many times. Eventually you will be able to take the chicken to the paper and signal it to relieve itself with the clicker

    If this isn't working out for you, here are some Tip/Warnings...

    1.You also can use this process to train a chicken to use a litter box..
    2.Before house training your chicken, it needs to be hand-trained. This means that it can perch comfortably on your hand with no assistance..
    3.Don't praise the chicken verbally---this will only confuse it. Stay quiet as you train your chicken and use treats as a reward..
    4.House train your chicken as young as possible..
    5.As with any animal, your chicken will have accidents. Have patience and clean up messes immediately..
    6.Take your chicken to the veterinarian to keep it free of diseases and parasites..
    7.Check local zoning laws before you buy a chicken..
    8.Don't keep your chicken inside the whole time even though it is potty trained. They need alot of sunlight [​IMG]

    Hopefully this method will work for you and if you have any questions please PM me! [​IMG] I also posted this on E-How so you can also go there to read this method!

    Thanks Everyone! [​IMG]
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    I've used this method to housebreak parrots before (I prefer to keep them out of cages as much as possible), but I never thought it would work on a chicken. Interesting.
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    Quote:I wasn't aware any bird could be housebroken. Live and learn...
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    I'm still having trouble potty training my son and he is 23
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    FYI: clicker training was originally invented for chickens.
    Since has been adapted to dogs, cats, horses ect ect...
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    This thread amazes me [​IMG] Why in the world would you want a chicken in the house as a pet !!!. Is it in Vogue ??, did you see on some tv show that it's the new thing or fashionable ??. Chicken are great FARM animals but imo not meant for the house sorry, I know a few folks that do keep them inside and they seem off their rocker too, no offense it just doesn't make sense for the chicken [​IMG] I don't know I am just of the mind that barnyard animals need to be left outdoors where they would be the healthiest and happiest, Ok off my [​IMG]
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    Quote:Lots of folks lost all common sense in this world. Can you imagine how much human energy and effort is waisted to potty train a chicken in 2 years?

    One can obtain a college degree with perhaps less time and effort.

    I keep poultry for meat and eggs, get enjoyment along the way also.

    I keep a dog a cat a canary and cockatiel as my pets.

    Is this normal? LOL
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