How to Put a Roof on my Run?


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Oct 31, 2012
Ok, I'm building a coop and run this winter to house 6 hens that I'll buy once my coop is assembled. I want to build a 6x8 coop similar to a small shed with a regular size door, 2 windows or so and 3 nest boxes. I want to build a 6x10 run around my coop. Here's where I get stuck, I'm not sure how to construct the roof of the run, I don't want to leave it open as we have a lot of problems with hawks in my area but I'm not sure how to do this. Also, any advice on how to build my coop for cheap? Thanks in advance :)


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Nov 29, 2010
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I like what TinTennessee did just continue the rafters the same pitch along the run and then the roof becomes seamless.

His wood working is awesome WAYY beyond anything I could accomplish.

Or you could do like I have done is throw a tarp over the Chainlink roof on dog kennel panels. Not pretty but it keeps the rain out. If you need a pitch to let the rain run off then lay a piece of PVC Drain Pipe along the length centered then throw the tarp over the top. Bungee cords to stretch it and there you go. The tarps you buy at hardware stores are only good for one season though.

BTW Chain-link isn't enough to keep your birds safe. It has to be lined with hardware cloth around the base and in any areas where the chickens might settle next to the wire. Like near a perch or feeder. I had a Guinea fowl loose a leg to a raccoon because I didnt put the hardware cloth near their perch attachments on the chain-link.


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