How to reintroduce a healed hen?

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8 Years
Dec 9, 2011
North Carolina
I have a hen who was limping a few days ago. She was head hen but when she started limping my rooster and her (now former) RIR buddy started viciously attacking her. I put her in the garage and she is better. DH reintroduced her 2 days ago and as soon as the roo and the RIR saw her they began attacking her again. She had to be put back in the garage until her comb and head heal now. How do I reintroduce her? I've got a silkie in the garage with her who has hatched chicks in there. Should I send her out with the silkie and chicks?
When you reintroduce they need to re-establish an order so there is often a bit of scuffle. It can be unpleasant to watch, no doubt.

You can try putting her near them while in a cage. Wait a few days, let them mix.

I'd let 'em fight it out (unless it is truly injuring her, of course) so they can get on w/ the Chicken Life.
I reintroduced early this morning. Again as soon as the rooster saw her he was attacking her, and not trying to mate her. He waited until she was in the coop and cornered her. We pulled him off and put him in the garage. It's like harmony has been restored to the flock! Everyone is getting along with NO pecking! Everytime the poor hen hears his crow though she freaks out. Thinking I'll no longer be needing his services after today.

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