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    Hello again!

    Well the fantastic news is that my 3 1/2 week old duckling (that was mauled by a black bear) is recovering beautifully! (See original post here: ) Though she is far from healed up enough to move back out to the coop, I am trying to think ahead as to what I should do when it comes time to reintroduce her to our 4 hens and her 2 other duckling "siblings". Will they remember her? Pick on her? What should I expect?

    Also, since she's recuperating so wonderfully, I worry about her getting lonely being in a crate in the house with us...At first I figured isolation was best since she wasn't able to move about and she's got a big open wound on her back and we didn't want her stressed out, but now she just peeps and peeps unless I am holding her...any suggestions?

    I have to admit, I've gotten quite attached to this one and it's going to be hard to put it back outside! I love snuggling with her, watching her preen herself and listening to the cute noises she makes! It's too bad she can't be an indoor duck! [​IMG]

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    Having house raised several ducks and one goose it will be hard to to let go . There will be trouble with the sibs mostly if its been a long time apart. If its healed up and can move well you will have to put it out there and watch and see what happens. I have several not orphans but momma left them and they haave integrated well with others, but still kinda seperate too. if they have room to seperate then should not be much of a problem. This is Nibbler house Duck. he is proud pappa of seven young ones this year , he would even set on the nest when momma would go eat/bath
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