How to reintroduced recovered chicken to cold coop

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  1. Sunshine77

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    Aug 2, 2013
    Our buff laced polish has been recovering from wry our basement, for about a month now. She is soon ready to rejoin the flock (silkies and buff laced polish). My question is: our temperatures outside are about 20 F at night. We have a heat lamp....and during this really cold weather, have had a small heater in the coop to take the edge off. We are thinking that if we divide the coop and put "Roxy" with the other two buff laced polish (very gentle) under the heat lamp on one side of a divider, and then the silkies will be on the otherside...but still within range of the heat from the heatlamp...that she will get the warmth from the other two, and the heat lamp. This will leave "Emma" who rules the roost, James Bond, her rooster, Sassypants, a small silkie....and our mystery chicken( we are not sure if this one is a rooster or not.) I am assuming the roosters will not get "friskie" till which time we hope to have some more silkies to accomodate them.
    Will this provide Roxy with enough warmth to handle the change of temperatures?
    Am I right about the roosters not getting friskie till spring?
    Can you see a better way? Roxy cannot live in our basement for the whole winter...she needs her friends.
    thankyou for any comments or suggestions...
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    Nov 5, 2013
    Chickens can handle the 20s where I'm at it got down to 8 !! That's low lol but my rooster did get some frostbite but using heat lamps and all that it depends on the moisture in the air if there a lot I would think you should use a heat lamp for it will make it worse but if you haven't been having no problems with frostbite then yeah that's great for them. And roosters still mate no matter what some of my chickens don't even lay yet and he still mates with them

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