How to remove lash eggs?


Nov 16, 2017
Hello all,
Does anyone have any experience or solitions in 'unblocking a duck'
In another post i describe how we lost our Peach just today (white peking duck)
Long story short, she had 5 lash eggs blocking her.
The only way i know of would be surgery. In Australia we are looking at around $1500 for this.
I have another 3 girls and i know what to look for now. But id like to be able to help them pass these eggs if they suffer the same problem.
1- inject some sort of natural oil into the oviduct and hope it helps
2- some sort of medication to help dissolve the lash egg
3- endescope camera and some precision tools to help break up the lash egg so they can pass easily
4- special diet?

Anyone have any experience or knowledge to share?

Oh, and one of my other girls has sat and helped my type this up. She has sat on my leg the whole 20 mins (pic attached)

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