sick duck

  1. awyman

    Sick / Injured Duck.

    My year old duck became injured about 2 weeks ago. Something happened to one of her legs, but nothing appeared swollen, cut, or anything. She stopped walking, but could drag herself around. I separated her into a pen, and monitored her for a week. I started doing water therapy with her, but it...
  2. A

    Perkin, sick duck

    4 month perkin, she has diarrhea, loss of feathers, yellow eyes (like she’s wearing yellow eyeliner) sore throat and wobbles on her feet. I noticed she moves her neck back and forth weirdly. She is eating
  3. B

    Duck won’t sit

    My duck has lots of hereditary problems but is starting to get better....manageable. She broke her wing and won’t sit. Even in the middle of the night when I peek at her she’s standing. Is there anything different I can do?
  4. V

    My Duck Is Sick

    My duck is sick and isn't doing to good I was wondering if there was any supplements that I could be giving it to help it recover. It already had brewers yeast in its food. It also gets Niacin in the water sometimes. Also I was wondering if there was something i could give my ducks to keep...
  5. ChristyL13

    Sick Muscovy

    Hi everyone, I am new here but I have been using this community since I got my four ducklings last year. Here’s my issue, I have a 1 year old Muscovy and for the last 2 weeks she has had a limp. 2 days ago she started to tumble after a couple steps. Now she can’t walk at all. She will still eat...
  6. A

    HELP! Very sick 6 week old duckling and no avian vet nearby

    Hi there! Yesterday I noticed that my favorite duck wasn't standing, eating, or drinking. I removed her from her siblings and quarantined her. I added brewer's yeast to her water, along with electrolytes and some greens, of which she never touched. Worried about her making it through the...
  7. marxrab

    Duck Seizure or Her Neck Went Limp? Not Sure What Happened!

    I was outside today sitting with my ducks just relaxing and enjoying watching them when I saw my 2 year old Black Swedish Smokey struggling in her kiddie pool. At first I thought she was having a seizure and I was afraid she would drown so I picked her up and put her on the ground. She was limp...
  8. R

    Does my duck have lead poisoning?!

    In my previous post ( ) , I talked about how my weeks old duck was acting weird, she looks extremely anemic and pale. After some research, I noticed that all her symptoms point to lead poisoning. I have a video of her seizure in this...
  9. Squeak61

    Sick call duck; help ASAP

    My female call duck is ill and I’m totally baffled as to what is going on. My vet can’t come out due to the Coronavirus, so I have to figure it out and deal with it on my own. She’s egg laying age, my male call duck is constantly trying to procreate with her, and just started having problems...
  10. 0ddaudd

    Duck With Watery Eye ?

    Hey! So as I was checking on my birds this morning, I noticed Ellie’s (my female duck) eye is watery. Only one of her eyes is like this. It appears that some of the feathers around her eye are falling out as well (pictured). What could be the cause of this? Flies or bugs? Dirty pool water? She...
  11. D

    PLEASE HELP Sick duck - Off balance and very lethargic

    Hi, One of my cherry valleys is not herself at all. I came home from school and saw she was unwell immediately as she was lying with her wings dropped down. I picked her up and saw some foam coming from her eyes but this seems to have gone. I had a look online and thought it could be sticky eye...
  12. I

    Help sick duck

    We got up this morning and checked on one of our ducks and found that she was very lethargic and acting entirely abnormal to her usual behaviour. she isn't standing and just sitting down. She isn't eating, although has tried a little bit, has drunken water but then proceeded to vomit. Any idea...
  13. J

    Sick duck? New to ducks need help

    I have 2, 2 month old pekins. Jack (the duck) has red in the white of his eyes, I've been giving him tub time hoping it would help with his eyes but they are still red. We keep them inside in a pen bc it is below freezing temps where we live and I've heard they are still too young to be outside...
  14. Clucking ada

    Help! My duck is sick

    We’ve just moved our flock of 14 chickens and 3 ducks to a friends run and coop while we move house. I went there this morning to sort there area out and noticed our runner duck badgie was just standing there not being responsive and looking shaken. I put her in the small pool as usually she...
  15. IsamFarm

    Duck with Prolapsed Vent and Possible Necrotic Flesh Hanging Out

    Hi all. I am desperately hoping someone here will be able to help. We have a 2 year old Khaki Campbell hen that free ranges on one acre with 5 other duck hens and 1 drake. She is fed Country Companion All Flock and a blend of oyster shells and grit, free-choice and free-feed. She has been...
  16. sandloaf


    Hi! We have a duck we rescued about a year ago! Her name is Cassi and she has three chicken sisters. One day Cassi and the girls got in a fight and the chickens pecked her eye. It was all watery and we cleaned it everyday and put antibodies on it. And it got all better and looked perfect...
  17. Bdavide

    Is my duck ok? He looks confused.

    Hey guys, my duck is kind of waddling in place and just looks off. He never lets me get too close before walking away, yet now i sat right with him and even rubbed his chest. Does he look ok?? I took a video if that helps (below.) Any help is appreciated. Link to video:
  18. D

    Wobbly Duck

    My Khaki Campbell duck is only an estimated 3-4 months old. She’s lost all her visible baby fluff and can fly. She’s currently having some issues walking, running, or getting up. She’s high stepping and keeps falling. We’ve given her niacin and Apple cider vinegar already. Last time she did...
  19. M

    Sick Duck

    We have 18 Pekin duck. 11 are just past the teenage stage, hatched in the barn by their mother so they have always been outdoors. A few days ago we lost one (had 12). His eyes started to darken around them and he stopped eating and drinking and started having seizures. We tried giving brewers...
  20. tayjamieson

    Pekin Duck with Eye Infection - please help!

    I woke up this morning and discovered one of my girls has a seemingly bad eye infection :( I'm wondering if you guys can tell what type of infection it is and what I need to do, I've included a photo. I picked her up and brought her inside and she is currently taking a bath in the tub. She is...
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