How To Save A Life -A Novel, Also written by you!-

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Okay, this is pretty much like Forgotten, but a different plot and started by another person!

-The Plot-
When the new girl at school, Skye, starts a Club For the Social Outcasts, or SSO, the school is turned upside down. People keep dying. And no one knows how or why. Can Skye find out how-and why- these things are happening, before the life of her best friend is taken?

Please, no more than ten main characters! We do not want this whole thing to go up in flames because there are twenty-five people with five different characters each!

I almost forgot, if I am not online, I give everyone full permission to write for Skye and the clique introduced, so that they don't sit and stare like idiots until I get back on.
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"Class, this is Skye Ende. She will be starting school here today. Please welcome Skye as one of you, instead of another social outcast. Skye, you'll be sitting next to Tiff, behind Mia." The bald-headed teacher said and pointed to the open seat by the window.
Timothy sat at the back corner and drew something on his palm from sheer boredom, his silver septum piercing glowing under the flarescent light, and his shoulder length bleach blonde and neon turquiose highlighted hair brushing over his face as he looked down at his rather pale hand. He was so focused on drawing the picture on his palm that he hardly even noticed a new student had entered the classroom.
"Oi, Timothy! Have you met the new girl?" Thetis called at lunch.
"Nope." Timothy replied.
"This is Skye!" Thetis beamed. Skye looked down at her book, a little shy. Thetis's silvery-blue eyes traced the cover. "The Hobbit, eh? I always liked Tolkein."
(Are we allowed to write for other characters? If not, I'm in trouble!)(And also, I have decided to un-own the copyright to my writing on this forum, jus' sayin')
(When I'm not on, go ahead and write for Skye! I don't mind, and this way we don't get confused when a character disappears because the 'owner' isn't online.)
Skye pulled a strand of blond hair from her face. One could see that one eye was blue, and the other a brilliant green. She smiled. Just then, the school clique walked by. They brushed past her, whispering, 'freak' 'ugly' and 'social outcast'. Then, the center girl dropped a note. Skye bent down to pick it up and the girls walked off. "Wait-you dropped this! Never mind." She unfolded the note and read it. "Don't even think to come near us. We'll charge if we have to. You have no permission to come closer than a twelve-kilometer race." She read aloud. "Wait-race? Idiots." She said. Then she smoothed out the skirt on her uniform and started writing in her notebook, which no one had noticed before.
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Carmen, watched as Skye picked up the piece of paper. Carmen walked over to Thetis. Hiya Thetis! So who is your new friend?
Smiling, Carmen sat down.
"You haven't met her yet?" "This is Skye." said Thetis.
"Oh, nice to meet you." said Carmen
Suddenly Skye heard a voice as she sat bending over notebook after lunch. "Um, hi. Are you the new girl?" A girl was standing next to her seat. She was short, looked about thirteen years old, and had hazel eyes and coppery curly brown hair in two loose braids over her shoulders. She was wearing a aqua skirt, origami crane earrings, blue sequin-covered shoes, and a red and white striped sweater, which only came halfway up her thin arms. "So what's your name?" the girl said, smiling nervously. "I'm Skye." Skye smiled back, and shut her mysterious notebook. "I'm Artemis." The new girl said. "And please don't call me Art like all those horrible kids do. So, how do you like school so far?"
"Well, um..." Skye was at a loss for words. "I know what you mean, " Artemis said emphatically, gesturing with her hands. "Its atrocious! I absolutely cannot wait until I graduate next year." She started to doodle with a pen on top of an algebra book she was carrying. "How old are you?" Artemis asked. "I'm fifteen, but I'm so short compared to everyone else. I hate being short. I just love your hair! I've alway wanted blond hair."
Skye was a bit confused; this girl talked way too fast, and couldn't keep her hands still, always fiddling with either a pen, the hem of her sweater or tapping her fingers on her thighs like she was playing the piano! "Yeah, so what do you like to do? I see you're are writer! What do you think of Thetis and Timothy?" Artemis asked, but then caught sight of a teacher glaring at her and ran off into a classroom, whispering "Bye! See you later!" after her shoulder.

"She's crazy, you know," Thetis told Skye after lunch. "Forgets everything, terrible scholar, but very smart. Artemis is very shy, too, unless she likes you. She must have liked you. She's awfully particular about things. All the other kids call her a nerd and they threw their peanut butter sandwiches at her when she gave an lecture on bagpipes in history class."
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Skye continued writing in her notebook as the bald-headed teacher continued with his boring lecture. "This school's lessons are way behind. I learned all this stuff last year, before I skipped the rest of ninth grade. She slipped her headphones in when the teacher wasn't looking, and silently mouthed the words. As she mouthed the words to the music in her head, she suddenly thought of a wonderful idea. No clubs for those who the 'normals' thought were 'social outcasts', she would just make one! No more outcasted-ness for Skye. Instinctively she reached up to push her glasses up, then realized she was wearing her contacts. "I may have gotten a few friends, but at my old school I was the top of the social food chain. Might as well embrace it." She muttered to herself. She then proceeded to stare out of the window, watching the birds fly by and the random guy cutting class sneak across campus. She pulled out her drawing pad, wrote a quick message on it, and held it up to the window. It read: I can see you. If you can get me out of my classes unscathed, please meet me after this period in the abandoned club room. She looked past the drawing pad and saw him looking up. Seeing the blond, he smiled and nodded, as if to say, 'I'll meet you there.'. She smiled and stared again. After a while, she absentmindedly started sketching the boy. Everything came into place on the paper as if it was just a developing photograph. His blond hair, his eyes... wait, how did she know they were purple? She hadn't even really looked at him. But she kept drawing the full-body sketch. Skye didn't care that the teacher was talking, only that he was boring, so she kept drawing. "Excuse me, Miss Ende, please pay attention to the lesson." The teacher said. "What? Oh, sorry, but I learned all of this last year before I skipped." "Perhaps you would like to finish teaching the lesson, then?" "Gladly." The class hollered as Skye said and stood up, closing her pad. She began to teach the rest of the lesson, completely from her 'mental archive'.

At the end of class, she sped out of the room after grabbing her messenger bag. Even though she was just arriving at the school today, she knew her way all around. She reached the club room at top speed, which was actually pretty fast for most people. She stopped when she got there, then picked the lock. When she entered, she saw that the boy was already there, waiting. "Hey. You called?" "Yes. First of all, what is your name?" "My name is Skye." Skye 1 dropped her stuff out of surprise. "What? Is there something wrong." "It's probably just a coincidence. Okay, Skye, my name is Skye. Welcome to the club in which you shall be forced into. Oh yeah, do those girls or the top of the food chain boys not like you?" "Not at all. They think I'm a freak." "Same here. Welcome to the club. The SSO, to be exact."

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