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Dec 3, 2008
On the road to self-sufficiency, I am incubating some BO chickens with the intent to keep the roosters for meat and sell pullets, at about 3 months old, when I am able to tell them from the roosters. The reason to sell the pullets and not eat them, is that, they are just too sweet and nice, and too skinny to eat, so feels like a waste of a chicken if they can make a nice laying hen for someone.

I was thinking, creating a website with the pictures of the pullets, and then run a craigslist ad. But that's not a problem.

How do I physically exchange a chicken for money? I don't want strangers coming to my house. But what are my other options? Peddle a chicken in a WalMart parking lot?

This perplexes me. Please share what you have done if you had too that quandry.

Also, what's the liability if the chicken dies in their care?


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Mar 29, 2008
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You don't need a website to use craigslist. You can upload a photo directly to craigslist to show the actual birds for sale. You should have plenty of takers for BO pullets! I don't meet people at my house either. I meet at the local Jack in the Box or in front of a major grocery store, or the Goodwill, different places, different times. Haven't been creeped out yet, but if I ever was, I wouldn't want to be creeped out on my own front lawn. zero liability if the chicken dies. You bought it. You own it. If you feel nervous about it, you can have them sign a sales agreement to that effect. Don't forget to get a local small business license before you sell. Some are "home based" and you will need to sell from your home. Others you need to state the location where you will be selling, like at a swap meet or flea market or what have you.
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Apr 20, 2010
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i'd just list it on craigslist and meet somewhere public... no website... no license.. or i'd go to my local farm swap and sell it there among lots of other people doing the same thing in a public setting...

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