How to set up a dust bath


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Mar 21, 2011
Upperco, MD
I just bought some DE and Sevin to make my girls (And guys) a dust bath area. Any suggestions on how to make it? 2x4's, wooden crate, rubbermaid container? And should I cover it during rain or anything? I am excited! Most of their run area is so packed down that they can only have a dust bath under the coop where the rain doesn't get to it. Should I add anything else to it? I have heard sand as well as wood ash. Can't wait to watch them!

Thanks guys :)
A kitty litter box works nice. Shallow easy to clean, holds a lot of DE. Put it out for a few days and see how they use it. The dust can irritate the lungs so in a fresh air area is good. Leave it out until they empty it no cover unless it rains. Start experimenting with sand, clay, peat moss, DE, and a shovel of something from your flower bed. Then hose it off and clean it up for the next dust bath day.

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