How to sex baby chicks?

Newborn chicks (about a day or two old) can be sexed, just like they do at the hatcheries. However, if you're unskilled, you can accidentally suffocate the chick. If you have a firm but delicate hand, Google for the Japanese method of sexing chicks. It involves putting the chick in a specific position in your left hand, massaging its abdomen to make it poop, then using the thumb and index finger from the other hand to firmly press on opposite sides of the vent in order to make the opening protrude slightly. Male chicks' little winkies can be seen; no winky, it's a girl. The organ looks like a tiny black spot, about the size of a pin head.
Thanks for the information. I had 4 chicks that hatched this afternoon. First time with this experience. I removed them from under the mother hen, because I found one dead and for whatever reason I was affraid she may kill them. I have them in a brooder at 95 degrees and they appear to be doing very well. I am open for any tips that you can provide.

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