How to sex Call ducklings?

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I have two white Call ducklings I hatched. I have no clue on their gender? One, or maybe both of them have a sort of laughing/cackling laugh/call they do during the day that really sounds like some one laughing. It's hilarious! Both of their tails look the same. I have no clue how to sex them. I will try and get some pictures of them tomarrow.

I also have a large duckling that I have no clue what breed or gender is? He is very tall, and very big, white with a black spot on his head and then one on his tail..I think. He stands almost straight up like a Runner but I don't think that's what he is. Unsure.

I know it is hard to try and sex ducklings without pictures, but if you can't give me some tips on sexing them I might try and take some pictures in the dark. I'd really like to know what they are. Thanks

Ah, okay! Thank you muches!
How 'bout the big duckling? Any tips for sexing him/her?

If they are too old to 'look' in the vent to see whats in there....

then use feathering & color depending on breed knowing what each sex should look like.

The following are alternate means of sexing after a duckling has semi-matured and is feathered in....2 to 4 months.

Drakes will get their tail shortly after that and start to act like drakes...surfing pine cones and whatever else looks like a'll know for sure by that time !

use the beak. Males will usually have a more consistent color beak of a yellow color with a black tip. (rouen, mallard varieties)

Females will have a black dot lip that fills the middle toward the back...V like dark area thru the middle of the beak. (rouen, mallard varieties)

On a pekin everything is much more subtle...same signs, just less obvious.

Females laugh. Females have a sharper louder higher pitch voice. Females may coo when young or when content and/or 'talk' when they sleep or eat.
Males will bark, or "alert" as you approach and start to make a slow raspy chatter...slow in its rhythm ...sorta like a muffled... whaaaaacck.....whaaaaacck....
Female chatter is much faster.
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All three ducklings are a day apart. So they are all around 2 1/2 - 3 months old I'd guess. I will go out in just a second to get some pictures.

Call ducks can vary quite a bit, but if they are from the same parents (or even from the same line) then usually the males will be the same size or slightly larger than the females. Of course there are always exceptions...

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