How to ship eggs Priority for HALF the price!


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Hurricane, WV
I was on the USPS website earlier & it seems there's a way cheaper way to ship eggs, just thought I'd share the info & see if anyone else noticed this. Most people ship using the flat rate priority shipping boxes, large being $14. Well if you use a box that's not a flat rate one to send priority, it's literatly half the price! Even boxes over 12 inches, it's all about the weight, not size so this would be a better way to go with eggs since you want more space & they don't weigh very much. The price to ship a box priority mail that is for example 20x20x10 that weighs 3.1 pounds, is only $6.80 but a 12x12x5.5 flat rate large box is $14 (almost $15)! You could send so many more eggs for so much less money.
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I've been using the 12X12X8 Priority boxes for years. I never use flat rate boxes, I weigh all of mine.

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