How to Speed up your experience on the new BYC!


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You can optimize your experience here by making sure that you are on the latest version of your browser. Don't know what you're using? PM a mod and we can help you figure it out! Many of the speed complaints can be fixed simply by updating your browser.

Another thing to try is to delete your cache and see if it doesn't speed things up.

Example: One user complained speeds were horrible and was using Firefox 5.0. The newest version is 9.0. That's like an 80 year old and a 16 year old having a race!

This system is super fast using Chrome and the newest version of Firefox. Internet explorer should be at least version 8.0 for optimal speed.

To download Chrome click here To download Firefox click here
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I work from home and I have two computers - my work computer, and my personal computer. I use the most current version of Firefox on my personal computer, and the most current version of Google Chrome on my work computer. I've logged in on both computers and speed is a factor. It is extremely slow. The major issue that I have is the slow, lagging and jerky scrolling. I see a lot of others have posted they have the same issue and wonder if there is anything to do about it.
I don't know if this is of any help, but I'll speak anyways.

I'm using IE 9.

When I first went to the Sandbox, I was having issues too with slowness and jerkiness. It was horrible. As I used it more and more itt seemed to get better. Now no jerkiness issues at all.

On the old BYC when it got jerky, I would shut down the computer overnight, and it went away for several weeks to a few months.

The speed got better too, with use.

Example: The first time I tried to open my article (my page in the old byc) It was very slow. Maybe a minute or more. So long I thought I had done something wrong and navigated away from the page. Then it popped up. Surprise.

So I went back and tried again. This time maybe 10 seconds, third time maybe 5 seconds, 4th time maybe a couple seconds. Couldn't be changes being made, because I was doing it all within a few minutes- just playing.

Now it's pretty fast moving between pages in a forum, just a little slow when I jump around different forums or sections 3-4 seconds. Still better than the old BYC when it got slow. lol

Good luck,

ok I downloaded IE 9....... which I hate the look of...... I'm sorry,I'm not very good with computers and I changed my browers to something I hate just so I can talk about chickens... I'm almost in tears trying to work with this..... (I know you already know my name isn't even right) it is a little faster,but I still get the "please wait" when I try to get smilies or submit
Well let's see if I can even post yet... I've been trying to all day. Well at least at times when I'm not to frustrated to try. Pages take 2-3 minuets to Load each... No I'm not exaggerating. But... I'm on a dinosaur old blackberry... I tried the new BYC on my sisters Droid X2 and it worked great. So I really need a new phone!

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