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    My white pearl leg horn went through her molt. Her comb has fallen to one side and she laid her beautiful white eggs for about a week, then it has been hit and miss. She's 3 years old. And now I'm finding her eggs that are thin shelled or mostly yolks and I am thinking that one of the other hens are eating her eggs.. found one like that by the big outside door last week. What does the floppy comb indicate? And how to stop egg eating.?
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    At 3 years old she maybe declining in her egg laying ability. I have noticed this just lately in one of my 3 year olds. Still a regular layer but she does sometimes lay funky eggs.

    Egg eating is a bad habit you need to nip in the bud pretty quick, here are some threads and articles on egg eating ~
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    Egg eating chickens can be very disastrous and other chickens can quickly catch on. I've read on here somewhere where a guy had a rooster eating his hens eggs. What he did was put the rooster out in his yard all day for a couple of days so he couldn't eat the eggs. The guy said it had worked for him and the rooster stopped.
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    A thin or softshelled egg is fair game for eating IMO.
    First thing I would look at is the birds' diet...are they getting plenty of protein, including animal protein?
    Look at the protein percentage on your feed bag, then factor in any other foods they are eating.
    Nutrition could be affecting the 3yo's production/quality too....or she could indeed just be at the end of her run.

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