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    Feb 5, 2013
    We got our first birds back in Feb. Started out with an order for 3 White Rocks, 3 Buff Rocks, 3 Barred Rocks and 1 Partridge Rock. The people at Ideal asked us if we wanted to add males for warmth. OK sure no problem only I left something out. We wanted to get 3 Partridge Rock hens but they had a bad hatch and did not have enough to fill our order. OK we would just either wait till they had another hatch and order them later no problem. So now we have 10 of the chickens that we wanted getting ready to be shipped along with who knows what. Later that night I went to Ideals web site and added my name to the wait list for the Partridge Rocks. The next day my wife received a call from Ideal saying that there was a mix up and that they did in fact have Partridge Rock pullets. No problem your thinking well just a little one....Our order had already shipped before the phone call. Well my wife thought she would just surprise me with them only there had to be a minimum limit to ship so she thought why not had to have at least 15 so she gets 10 partridge pullets and said yes to warmth ........AGAIN. Well the next day our ( in my knowledge) order showed up 10 chicks that we ordered and 15 warmth 25 so far. All of our babies showed up with " friends ". Well the next day I stopped by the feed store to get feed and supplies and they had just gotten their chicks in. So I thought those little Barred Rock babies where so cute I got 3 more. OK that brings our total up to 28. Well my wife decides at this time to tell me about her surprise....OK it will be ok we will just raise all the extras up with minimal contact( so they don't get names and can go into the freezer). Well then the next order showed up 10 Partridge Rocks and 12 little fuzzballs that look like little penguins. OK total now at 50. Amazing in less than a work week I have gone from 0-50. Out of all those babies we lost 1. Total now at 49. As the months went by we identified most of the "warmth" as Brown Leghorns and Silver Laced Wyandottes. Out of the 27 so called sexed males we got 3 Brown Leghorn pullets so we decide to pick 1 rooster for them. Now we skip forward to time to put meat in the freezer 11 leghorns in the freezer I get all the Wyandottes together and plan to put them in the freezer the next day. Well something got into the pen and killed 9 of the Wyandottes so we decide that since those 2 survived we would just keep them. Well now their laying eggs and getting more spoiled everyday and now we are wondering when we will be getting our next chicks or our we just gonna let mother nature add to them....Probably do both....So in writing this story out that started out with a question I'm asking myself another.....Why would we want to stop getting more? NOT HAPPENING! Just not getting warmth anymore.
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    One compound word: Craigslist.
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    Jan 16, 2012
    I am sorry some of your chickens got killed.

    But it seems you have a very nice mix of breeds. How many do you still have in the coop? Do you have room for them all?
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    I'm also thinking you're going to be running into a space issue quickly. Chickens do bad, bad things when they're overcrowded.
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    Feb 5, 2013
    No space isn't an issue I converted a 15x40 concrete dog kennel with a drain and septic tanks into my coops. Right now we have 4 10x10 coops with 10x50 runs. Plus on w/e and holidays they free range all day. They get let out each evening around 4:00 till dark. All we have to do is go out and shake the scratch can and they come running back home. They all know their coops and we have doors so we can get the confused ones back into their coop. All in all they have it pretty good. We are planning on fencing in 1 acre around the coops and sectioning it off and planting some treats for them to range thru or maybe just have a couple wild groups.
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    May 19, 2013
    WOW scoot72 you need to post some pics of your so very large set-ups

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