How to Stop hens escaping

My chickens don't fly over, but I used deer netting to keep out hawks.
It should work to keep in your flying chickens. GC
Kinda like the old question of "why did the chicken cross the road?"

First question for OP is .. how tiny of a run to they have?

Then ... why are they seeking "something" outside of the run, that they can't get inside of the run?






Dusty soil to enjoy?

To get away from the other meanies?

What breed of chickens are they?

Are they the same breed and age as the ones who stay inside?
Two weeks ago one of my chickens jumped my 5 foot fence and was bitten by a dog. She didn't make it. I have another one, different breed that is routinely escaping. I raised the fence to 7', adding 2' of deer fencing to the 5' existing fence. It failed to stop her. I clipped her wing yesterday. I read its best to clip only one wing or they may develop stronger muscles in both wings to allow them to fly again. It didn't work either. I have a tree in the center of the run, so my next plan is to raise the side where she escapes the most to 10'.
If that fails, I will try to build a partial roof along the perimeter.
Adding a full roof would be difficult, there is a 10' spruce tree in the center. The run is about 15 x 15.
My pens are 10'x 20'. Half of each pen is covered by a tarp.
The other half has deer netting. It comes in a 100'x 7' wide, so I had to overlap. I used cable ties to secure.
The netting is very flexible and should be easy to secure 2 sections around the tree with cable ties.
Overlap about 6" and roll tightly and secure with cable ties.

The netting is strong,

and has lasted through 3 winters on the pen on the right. The pen on the left through 1 winter so far. GC

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