how to stop RIR from being mean?

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Jul 17, 2015
I have two RIR that are almost 12 months old. I added 2 BO and 1 Barred Rock when they were 11 weeks old to the coop with the RIR. The RIR chase the three all the time and lay inside the door every night so the three younger girls can’t get into the coop. The three younger ones are 20 weeks and almost ready to lay eggs. How do I stop the RIR from being so mean. They both peck and chase the three younger ones. I am worried about the winter when they will all need to be inside the coop to sleep and keep warm.
Following. I'm experiencing a very similar situation. Our 3 younger girls have been in a separate coop but wished they were all in one. I think they will always remain separate at this point. They are still scared of the bigger ladies and not sure if they will ever warm up.

Second: There is no sure fire way to accomplish what you want to do. If there were then commercial chicken farms would have houses filled with multi aged and vastly different sized birds. My advice is to remember the old saw about "Birds of a feather flock together." when you start a new flock. Some time may help the younger birds become more assertive, especially as they grow but there is no way to MAKE the opposite happen except by abusing your birds either physically or mentally in some way. That is what isolation is, mental chicken abuse.
This is a known fact......Red Chickens generally only like other Red chickens. Last year I had RIR Hens and they were so mean with my other hens I had to sell them. They were all bought together as one day old Chicks. They had my one Barred Rock Hen plucked bald.

Hope this info you.....?

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