How to store bell peppers?

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    My bell peppers are about a week away from all being ready for the picking. However, I don't foresee myself consuming 25+ bell peppers before their shelf life expires, and my tomatoes aren't ready yet so no salsa to add them to. What's the best way to store bell peppers so I can use them later on in recipes? I'd like to keep them in a reasonably "fresh" state if at all possible. Should I just dice and freeze or blanch and freeze? Or are there any good recipes that require bell peppers that I could make and then can or store some other way?
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    I always dice them up, put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer. Then when frozen, pour them into large ziploc bags and put back in the freezer. This way they are easy to grap a bit for omelets or stirfry's or whatever else you want to add them too, and they are loose and not all stuck to each other.
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    Yep... I just wash, cut/slice and freeze. So good when ya wanna make fajitas or whatever [​IMG]
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    I found a way to freeze peppers and onions that saves me a lot of time (and mess). I dice and saute, in olive oil, a bunch of them at once. Then freeze in small plastic bags. When a recipe calls of sauted onions or peppers, that part is already done. Thanks for reminding me, I have a bag of onions I have to prepare! Good luck! [​IMG]
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