How to Teach Chicks to Eat Inside Coop??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by rfunger, Aug 14, 2010.

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    Another newbie question for the Welsummer experts out there. Have 7 week chicks. Up to now have been feeding them in the run twice a day but now want to keep the feeder inside the coop permanently to avoid attracting wild animals and to keep it dry. Problem is they don't know it's in there or don't notice it as they still come flying out of the coop twice daily and go nuts when I put the feeder in the run. Will these guys ever catch on that they can eat at the feeder available 24/7 in the coop? When I moved the feeder from the coop today to the run they acted like they were starved (even though it had been available all day in the coop).

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    As you moved it to the run, and they noticed it, you should have walked with it slowly back into the coop.

    Sometimes they're dumb as rocks. Bless their hearts.
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    Can you close them in the coop at night? They will be hungry when they come off the roost, so move the feeder into the coop the night before and shut them in with it for a few hours in the morning. Then, hopefully you can go into the coop at noon to hand feed..only in the coop. Don't feed them in the run at all, because they will still wait for food out there.
    Hope this helps.

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