How to tell a Roo?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by crazychick, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    OK-I give up. I have 12 chickens. They are about 14 weeks old. One BR I can tell is a roo-he has started to get those lovely "hooks" as my kid calls them. He is also crowing and proud of it!! I have heard crowing in the henhouse when he is in the run, so I know that there is at least another roo in group. Hens can't crow can they??!!
    I have studied the pic's here and read, til I am overwhelmed, as to the difference to be able to tell a roo from a hen-brighter comb,"hooks", roo lighter colored (BR) then hen. I stand for hours looking at the flock, and all I can tell is that beautiful boy. They all seem to have about the same size combs, can't tell which comb is redder/brighter than another. So, here is the question-
    Since this boy is getting his "hooks" and all of the flock are the same age w/in a week, will I be able to tell shortly if any others are roos by looking for "hooks"? Is that the most destinguishing feature that separates the sexes? I don't want more than one roo, so really need to figure this out. Thanks for any help you veterans can give me.
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    What are hooks?
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    I'm thinking Crazychick is refering to spurs.
    You really can't tell with young birds by the spur bumps on their legs as all chickens have them. Most male chickens will not spur out until they are close to a year or so old or older, but the spur bumps get increasingly larger on the males then the females.

    What breed/breeds do you have? Can you post pics? You could always google your breeds and look at picks of booth Roo's and Hens. Say do a image serach for "14 week old Buff Brahma Rooster" and do the same for the Hen. This will give you a good idea of what to look for in the feathering.
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    Thanks-I have RI reds and Barred Rocks-they are all they same age, there is one BR I can tell is definitely a rooster-large spur (hook-what my son calls them)) bumps, large bright red comb and waddles (and he crows LOL!!) There are no others that look like him in the BR's yet I heard one crow the other day. Being all the same age I thought I could pick the second one out. The BR roo has a different comb (very full I guess you would say) from the ones I believe are hens.
    I definitely am not sure of the RI Reds. I returned 2 to place I got them from and they were confirmed roos. Was told to look for larger/bright red combs. Took the 2 new hens back to the flock, and all the ones I have now have combs that look alike, but 2 have greenish tail feathers. None of the RIR are crowing that I have heard.
    Can't upload pics, but will try a search you recommended to see if I can figure this out.
    Thanks for suggestions.

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