How to tell a rooster from a pullet????

HK CickenLittle

5 Years
Sep 8, 2014
I am suppose to have all pullets has gotten taller and thin - the cone is three instead of one like the others. any advise?
hi and

a picture would be great so we can see what your chook looks like.

some breeds can be really hard to sex for a while and some you can tell straight away, bt ill give you a few pointers.

- roosters usually stand taller and tend to stick their 'cheast' (i cant remeber what its called) out.
- roosters get bigger, redder combs earlier that hens.
- rooster start to get streamers in their tails (im not sure if this is with all breed but it is for silkies)

thats all i can think of right now!

these arent great examples but in the first pic is a roo, because of him bigger comb

and this a pullet. she is smaller and has a littler comb

here are some more pics:

this is a roo. see his big comb and wattle and how he stands and the streamers in his tail

this is aso a roo

this is a hen, shes smaller and doesnt stand so 'proud'

another hen

hen again

i hope this helps :)
How old and what breed?

A pic of the others might help for comparison.

That's a lot of comb but it's not too red, and I don't see any wattles and cockerels are usually showing more color and wattles by 5-6 weeks.
'She" is a Red Comet Sex Link and I don't have a firm date of birth. The guy said she 3 months old. My other 3 are all different breeds - Barred Rock / Black Copper Marans / Black Sex Link. They each have tiny single edged cones that are pale. I will add a photo of her standing

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