How to tell age of tires - an email I got

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    Last night we were watching a segment on ABC's 20/20 about automotive tires. They explained how to tell how old tires are and then they showed us people buying what they thought were new tires to find out that the tires have been sitting around for up to 14 years. Why is this such a big deal? Tires will dry rot and then you can have a blowout at high speed. Many people are involved in accidents and die each year because of this problem. We never new how to find out when tires were made. It is a simple little code on the side of your tire. See below for more information or you can go this link:
    and see a slideshow about tires. Make sure you view all 10 slides.

    This was a wake up call for us. Marcia and I said from know on when we are purchasing new tires for our cars we want to see the tires they are planning to put on so we can check the dates. Any tire more then 6 years of age is very unsafe and will not go on our car.

    We just wanted to share this story with you. By the way the tires on Marcia's car were made in the 6 week of 2006 and the tires on the car I drive were made 31st week of 2005.

    Thanks and Drive Safe!!!

    Frank & Marcia Ziemba
  2. obviously I've been going through old non answered posts inorder to come across this one...But I thought it was very interesting that no one ever noticed it...
    Maybe it's time to bring it back up...
    Weather is icky, roads are icky, we need to take a little extra car with our vehicles during the winter months, so thought this might be a good subject to bring back....
    Gonna have to check my tires tomorrow for pure curiostiy. Needing new ones very soon, so will remember this info the next time I go out tire shopping too...
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    NOOOOW you show me.

    hey wait a minute wrote this on my birthday!

    what was i doing on my birthday....oh was mother's day and a sunday AND my baby chicks were in at the post office...weeeeeeee!

    and now they are all grown up. [​IMG]

    and i got new tires a couple of months ago....great....imma gonna be upset if i see old tires.

    and run-a-muck....thanks for the find.

    very invaluable info. thanks.

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    Hey this is a good thing to know. I wish I had seen it before I bought my tires last fall. Now I'm going to have to go check.
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    Glad you found this! I checked all vehicle tires we have and they all were good, not old!

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