How to tell if chicken has Scaly Leg Mites?

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  1. katelk

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    May 6, 2013
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    I have seen the horrid looking pictures online of bad cases of scaley leg mites. The foot looks swollen and clearly something is wrong.
    I am wondering what does a minor case of scaly leg look like?
    My young chickens have this nice, smooth, leg skin. My older girls clearly have scales, but nothig like those pictures online. At close inspection, I can see how some scales are raised, especially around the toes, and you can bend the toes and kinda lift the scales a bit. The scales are also a bit harder than the soft skin/scales on the young birds.
    Is this a minor case of scaly leg?
    Does the scaly leg spray from TSC work well in fixing scaley leg and how many days does it take to work?

  2. tblee

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    Sep 7, 2013
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    It could be but without a pic couldn't know for sure
    I cured my hen with turps dip and vasiline but you would have to treat both legs and feet
  3. Michael Apple

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    If scales are raised off the leg/toes, then you are dealing with knemidocoptes mutans, the mite that causes scaly leg:

    I use Nu-Stock and cut it with a little oil (jojoba works well) to thin it. I massage it into legs and toes twice a week with gloved hands if I see any scales start to raise. It is necessary to treat roosts with a roost paint once a month. Emulsified concentrates of Permethrin, Rabon, or Malathion used in rotation work very well. Just follow label instructions for mixing and safety. Be sure to treat all sides of roosts when doing it.

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