How to tell if hen or roo


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Hello, I am new here as of tonight. I have had a run of 15 asst. chicks this past summer but my boyfriend got them before I moved south so I didn`t get to see them as babies and learned to tell by the feathers next to tail if hen or roo. Well I just got a run of 15 Black Australorp an 15 RIR, is there anyway to tell at 1 week if they are hens or roo`s? I can`t post pictures yet but have them on my blog or can email someone them. Any help would be wonderful and I look forward to learning from you all. Thank you.
At one week, not likely. I believe vent sexing needs to be done when they are day olds and unless you speak mandarin it's really hard to do. Some say they can feather sex them but I don't think all breeds can be done that way. You might do a search for feathers sexing on here to learn more about it.
I still don't understand how they could possibly vent-sex, but it seems to have a remarkable accuracy for the folks who make their livings that way. That said, you're in the waiting game at this point. Hang around here, and by the time you've got a good few more weeks in your chicks, you'll be able to post photos.
Thanks, yeah I lookforward to the waiting game but sometimes with 30 chicks you start guessing and thought maybe just maybe. lol At any rate I love hearing them chirp around in the house, since they came a month earlier than were suppose to and their house is not quite finished.

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