How to tell if i have a wyandotte?

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8 Years
May 22, 2011
We bought some white chickens from a lady few months back and she said they were wyandottes but i have noticed that a wyandottes comb is kind of blob looking or slicked back without any spikes to it and our chickens have spiked single combs unlike the wyandottes rose blob comb and they are very tame chickens they can be held and petted and we have one that is broody and 2 more that are looking that way any suggestions of what other breed of chicken they could be? they have light yellow legs and beaks
That's what i thought too! The lady we bought them from i don't think she knew what chickens she had,Cause i think maybe she thought she had a few RIR but i think maybe she had a few red stars wont know for sure until next month i separated the breeds and she told us some of the black chickens we bought were australorps but they are soo small and have lost alot of feathers
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