How to tell the duck breeds apart??


6 Years
Our ducklings just arrived! All are happy and healthy. Our problem is that we can't tell them apart. There are some pekin, buff, and welsh harlequin. They look so similar! Are there any distinguishing qualities that can help us tell which is which? It wouldn't really matter except the order is being split with a friend and we want to be sure we each keep the right ones!
Pics would definitely make it easier, but with those breeds I think one of the ways to tell would be by beak color. Pekins will be orange/pinkish, buffs pale brown, and WH should have more dark fuz around their eyes and if it is a boy dark beak, and a girl light beak with dark nib (or was it the other way around... uggh I can never keep that straight)

Hopefully I picked out two welsh harlequins, one pekin, one buff and one crested. That one I know is right

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