How to tell the sex of 3-6 week old chicks


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
please help me!!!!!! we just got 3 baby chickens from my little sisters kindy and i dont know the sexes we have already had 2 roosters before and we dont want to have 1-3 more!!!! PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!!

Welcome to BYC!

How old are these babies? I am not sure on the sexes, may be too early to tell. You will probably need to wait a couple more weeks before they start to develop the characteristics of either pullet or cockerel. You can post these pics in the What Gender section here on BYC for more help with this....

Good luck with these cute babies! We will be pulling for pullet for you. :)
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X2 try posting on the What Gender forum, they are a little to young to tell yet, hope they do turn out to be girls for you.
Welcome to BYC!

I am new also, but there are lots of folks here with lots of experience!

What kind of chickie babies
do you have? That will help us/them in trying to determine the
sex of your little ones as some breeds are easier than others.

Try posting some helps lot ...blessings in finding out what's in store!

Ooops! Sorry bout that! I didn't look at the new posts when I signed on so I didn't see your photos....I am learning toooooo....

Anyway, the reddish one looks a lot like my Gold Comets did a few weeks ago and they are all girls...not a promise, just very they have white feathers in the tail area? Comets do...and I think maybe Cinnamon Queens, too.

The last black photo resembles my Black Stars at that age (black sex-links). If so they will develop reddish breast and neck feathers as they grow.... if they are girls and.... if that is their least mine did. Also, mine were the only chickens I have owned that had black combs as chicks. However, I think there are other breeds that do also, but am not familiar with them.

AND I just don't have a clue on the first photo.

It's really frustrating to wait, and wait...but it just takes time....

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