how to tell what kind of eggs they are??

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    We have 7 pullets - a few are laying brown eggs, on the small side. We lso have 4 muscovies (2 are hens) that really are laying age now. Their coop & run is a "duplex" with a hen house w/ nesting boxes and a duck house, but they all invade each others condos. So far our chickens lay together in the hen house, same nesting box. We started getting these lighter colored eggs that are pretty large (think XXL store chicken egg size), a light cream or pale white, almost trnslucent very smooth shell. They are thicker yolks & whites, but taste pretty much just like chicken eggs. Their shells are extremely hard. I do hve shipped duck eggs (Indian Runner and some other breed) in the btor and the shells on our own eggs feel very much the same in smoothness & about the same in 'translucentness.' So my DH just cleaned out the coop & run and found 2 of these eggs, one on the ground in the screen room and one in the duck house. He said Spotty, one of the female muscovies, got upset by his cleaning up the old straw. I've also noticed the 2 muscovy girls in the chicken hous ehissing at me a alot when I go to remove the eggs daily.

    Does it sound like we may have some duck eggs going on?

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    Sounds like it. Enjoy!

    Good luck.

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