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    Not sure which forum this belongs in.

    Anyway, we are building a new coop. We have 3 RIRs who will be a year old at the end of May. We will be getting 3 more chickens possibly in July or later in the summer and needed a bigger coop to accommodate 6 chickens. Is there a certain way we should introduce them to their new coop or do we just do it and expect them to be a little flustered for a few days? Their current coop is in a covered run and we will have to remove it to put the new one in when it's finished because both obviously won't fit. Will we have to retrain them where to lay their eggs and where "home" is? The transition will be sometime in the next few weeks.
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    Anytime I move my girls to a new coop, I just do it and go out at night to check to make sure they made it all in (we have an auto door opener).

    Most of them usually do just fine, as long as the fencing is situated so they don't have access to the old coop. If they can access it, they will, as at least one or two of my girls fly over the fence to get to it and I have to put them in the new house.

    RIRs have a reputation for being a bit pecky and bossy with new recruits, so make sure your new chickens are at least 16 weeks old and have some hiding spots from the older girls, and plenty of roost space. Then everyone should settle in OK, as long as no blood is being drawn things are good. They will likely be two separate cliques forever but will eventually get along OK, from my experience with integration.

    Enjoy your new chickens when you receive them! I hope your girls love their new digs!
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