How to Trap Squirrels in Roof of House

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    My Father-In-Law has a squirrel problem. He has a family (at least 3) of squirrels that have chewed a home in the fashing around the roof of his house and have taken up residence in his roof. He works night shift, so when he is trying to sleep during the day, the squirrels run around in the roof and keep him awake. He lives in town, so I guess the squirrels had to find a home somewhere. Also, if you go poke around their entrance hole, they will take a flying leap at your face. I know that from personal experience. He called me ("the animal whisperer" as he called me) to get them out... they came out all right. [​IMG]

    What type of trap should we set in order to relocate these to a wooded area? We have tried a live trap made for squirrels for 2 weeks set with peanuts, corn, and peanut butter and have caught nothing. We have plugged the hole with a 2X4 and they have chewed through it, too. The next step would be to nail up something metal and trap them in the roof and wait it out. [​IMG] Which is not the option we want to take...

    Any ideas?
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    Squirrels can be tricky to catch because they are naturally quite cautious. I have found that the best way to catch them is to first make sure there is no lingering human stench on the live trap you are using. Toss a pot of boiling water over the trap and handle the bait as little as possible. Do not disturb the cage at all if you can help it. I used to have to leave the traps out undisturbed for nearly a week before any squirrels would approach them. Don't move them or fiddle with them in any way. I also used a cardboard sheet to cover the wire bottom because some animals won't enter a wire bottomed trap (cats specifically). I don't know if it honestly makes any difference with squirrels, but I figured it was worth a try, and it did work for me.

    I hope this helps. Squirrels in the attic are a menace. They poop all over, chew up your wiring, bring in bugs, and make a racket that sounds like major demo going on over your head. I feel for your FIL. I had a rental property years ago with squirrels in the attic and feral cats in the garage. Lovely place once all the squatters were removed.

    Good luck.
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    I would place some large snap traps and/or live traps(sold at home depot) into the attic. I would close off the squirrel entry during the day.Any squirrels in the attic will hopefully go for the trap foods. Have all attic wires checked. A few traps outside to catch the squirrels you lock out with the repair. Look online at do your own pest control sites for suggestions and supplies. It will cost quite a bit if you hire a trapper/pest company,but that is an option if you do not want to deal with it.

    Hope you get them out quickly.They are a fire and health hazard.

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