How to treat dog bites?

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    Jul 3, 2009
    Our chickens were attacked by the neighbors dog yesterday. We have two that were pretty severely injured. Our hero roo lost enough feathers to stuff a pillow although you can't really see it when you look at him. He has a kind of flap/chunk at the base of the tail and a lot of stripped feathers along his back. Looks like something wrong on his bottom too. The hen has even more feathers missing all along her back and the base of her tail too. Many abrasions. I don't know if we are missing cuts/punctures. I assume so since I can't see though all the feathers.

    SO FAR: YESTERDAY: We flushed with slightly diluted hydrogen peroxide. Then with iodine diluted to the color of strong iced tea. Then slathered all the areas with neosporin.

    TODAY: Used the iodine flush again. Hen seemed to find it very painful. I think we found new spots of missing skin, chunks as she really really squacked. Slathered again with neosporin.

    I have blue kote but have never used it. Can you use it over neosporin?

    How long should we continue with this program?? Flushing with iodine and putting on neosporin? Is one time daily often enough?? They are both isolated now. How long should they stay isolated?

    If they are going to be ok when will we know?? How would we know there is infection? Behavioral clues or signs on the skin? The roo has some parts that look kind of green. But it's hard to tell if that color is the feather shaft under the skin or the wound.

    They are both acting pretty well for what they went through. They both eat and drink. Nobbie laid an egg today. Rooster has crowed.

    This is the first time we have had an attack and we really need any help we can get.

    Thanks. Anne
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    Franklin, NC
    I had the same thing happen to my hen. We went away for the weekend and had someone watch them and everything but when we got home I found a dead hen ( Millie ) and her sister ( Minnie ). She was on her side stuck in a nocked over nesting box. She and her sister had been attacted by a neighbor hood dog. She also had 4 puncture wounds. She lived in the house for a little over a month, in her box in the living room. I made sure to put neosporin on her wounds and wrapped up her leg up real good. At first she walked with a limp and basically had to learn to walk again but soon was back to running around in the yard with the rest of the flock. She had one wound right under her wing and caused some nerve damage so she holds her wings out a little bit but it's nothing horrible. I hope the best for you, I am sure she will make a full recovery.
    I would keep neo on it all the time. I would take a rest on flushing out the wounds tho, only if you can keep them inside. If not you need to make sure nothing gets in them. Just keep a eye on them.
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    Dec 4, 2008
    my friend and i both had dog attacks within a month of eachother. all three hens are healed totally. we gave them all poultry emergency electrolytes & flushed wounds with grapefruit seed extract/water solution for several days...the wounds stayed clean & scabbed over nicely. we also gave them the grapefruit seed/water solution to drink (exclusively) for 2-3 days. two of them got added asprin for the pain. mine was fed her reg feed plus eggs/oatmeal, since she couldn't walk AT ALL and was loosing weight after the attack. i also had to do a lot of physical therapy on mine's leg. hers totally recovered in about 2 wks. mine still has a small limp and recovery has been much longer.

    i hope this helps & i want to encourage you that a dog attack is survivable, but you must remain attentive and vigilent.
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    Oct 9, 2016
    What dilution ratio did you use for the grapefruit seed extract? Have an injured chick that looks like she got picked up by a dog. small wound under her wing. As long as there are no internal injuries I think she will be ok. I have antibiotics for poultry on hand but hate to use them unless its really necessary. I know grapefruit seed extract is great. Look forward to hearing back! Thank you for the info.

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