How to treat rabbit breast cancer?


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Apr 1, 2008
My doe, Hazel, is four years old and has never been spayed or mated. Today I picked her up and immediately noticed that one of her breasts was enlarged to about the size of a blueberry. The nipple hasn't turned blue and there is no noticeable discharge.
I figured it's probably breast cancer, rather than mastitis.

Has anyone else had to deal with this? What did you do? Did you have any luck?
And, if worst comes to worst, at what point should a rabbit be put to sleep? Or is it alright to let her pass on her own?
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Today I checked her again. I couldn't even tell where her other nipples were, before, because they were so small -- but today they were fairly obvious.

Does anyone know anything about this?
Wow, I don't know what it is, but that's so strange.
I hope you get good answers, I'd like to learn myself.
Sounds like she may be having a false pregnancy. It is fairly common in female rabbits. She may start pulling fur and making a nest, but as long as she hasn't been around a male it will pass sans offspring!
Do false pregnancies usually result in tumor-like enlargements on does' breasts?
I know Hazel's had a false pregnancy before, but I've never noticed anything like this.
Her cage is hanging next to a buck's cage (but with several inches in between the wire), but she has definitely not been with him. Besides, if she were somehow pregnant, it would likely result in death. (Because she is four years old, her pelvis has fused, disabling her to give birth.)

I've never heard of anything like this being associated with a pregnancy or false pregnancy, besides mild swelling of the breasts before kindling. But I don't know...
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could you please tell how did it go with your rabbit's case? I think mine has EXACTLY the same and I'm really really afraid :( :(
It really sounds same... . So I would be interested If it was something very serious or nothing to be afraid of.
Thank you for any kind of answer!

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